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Title: Requiem-tag
Author: Dhae Knight
Pairing: Gibbs/DiNozzo
Rating: PG
Warnings and/or Spoilers: Requiem... duh!

"DiNozzo!" The familiar shout rang through the squad-room, and Tony was moving almost before the last syllable sounded.

"Yeah, Boss!"

He wasn't still feeling cold, really. It'd been two days since his desperate dive; two days since he'd found strength from somewhere to drag two people onto the pier - alone - both of them under desperate time-constraints. Neither of them breathing.

And then to have to chose. His instinct had been to give CPR to Gibbs - that had been done without thought. But when adrenaline gave him time to think two rational thoughts, he realized that Gibbs would want him to save the girl.

So he'd left Gibbs behind - dead - and moved to give Maddie the CPR she needed. It had not made for full nights of restful sleep since.

Gibbs was waiting impatiently by the elevator, and Tony moved quickly to join him. No sense in pissing the man any more off than he apparently was already.

"We catch a case, Boss?"


Yeah, well. He'd worked with the man for over seven years, now (God, where did time go?) so he was used to the abrubt answers and a perpetual brevity of communication.

Gibbs got into the elevator and Tony followed. He watched his boss stab the button for the parking-level with more force than Tony thought it'd appreciate. Tony might not have the love-affair with technology McGee had, but neither did he have the 'beat it into submission'-attitude Gibbs seemed to favor. Tony had taken the approach of treating technology like an informant. Care, a gentle touch and a whole lot of grease usually smoothed the path.

Gibbs led the way to his car, and a look was all it took to get Tony to climb in unquestioningly.

The trip through D.C. was as harrowing as ever with Gibbs at the wheel - although this time, Gibbs' Mad Max-skills made Tony smile. Even this, he'd gotten used to. And also, now that he'd driven around with David at the wheel - he appreciated the difference. Gibbs drove aggressively and with a blatant disregard for other drivers. Ziva drove aggressively and with a blatant disregard for the lives of other drivers. Gbbs had the car under perfect control at all times, and Tony actually relaxed.

Pulling up in front of Gibbs' house didn't exactly come as a surprise; nor did the fact that Gibbs headed inside without a word, expecting Tony to follow. Which he did of course, unquestioningly.

The basement was warm and cozy, and for the first time since his desperate dive, Tony didn't feel the ghostly touch of icy water on his skin. He felt even better when Gibbs poured bourbon into a mug and held it out for Tony to take. It wasn't the bourbon - it was the fact that, for the first time, Gibbs was willing to share.

Gibbs emptied a jar of screws and poured bourbon into it for himself. Then he clinked glasses with Tony and drank. Tony followed suit, glad the mug hid the fact he was only sipping. Judging by the gleam in Gibbs' eye, he wasn't fooled, though.

Then the gleam went away, and Gibbs looked almost... embarrassed?

"You saved Maddie's life. And mine."

While Tony didn't agree with Gibbs' relating himself to an almost parenthetical side-line, he didn't argue; he just nodded.

"I fucked up, Tony. I thought I could handle it, thought I could save her on my own. I was wrong. If it hadn't been for your instincts and disregard of my intention to keep it to myself, I'd have gotten us both killed."

What the hell could he say to that? Nothing. Quite literally, actually; he was so choked up he couldn't say anything.

Gibbs took the requisite steps forward to be able to place a hand on Tony's shoulder.

"I want to thank you for that, Tony. You did good."

Tony cleared his throat and blinked rapidly, trying to clear the blurred line from the bottom of his eyes. Who the hell cared about medals and shit, when there was praise like this to be had?

"Uh... You're welcome. I mean; any time. I mean..."

The hand slid up to pat Tony's cheek as his attempts at finding something to say grew more and more frantic.

"I know what you mean, Tony," Gibbs assured him mildly.

"I also know what you risked in that dive. Ducky's still monitoring you?"

"He's impossible to get away from," Tony grumbled.

"Well," Gibbs said with a small smile; "he is an old fox."

"More like part bloodhound," Tony said, trying to keep the light-hearted talk going a little longer, trying to drag out this unusual closeness as long as possible.

"That too" Gibbs said, and Tony read his non-verbal cues. Playtime was over. He took another tiny sip of the bourbon before he placed it on the work-bench and stood.

"Well, thanks for the drink, boss and... about that other thing? Any time. Really." He tried to be dignified about it, but it was hard when he knew that walking up those stairs and out of Gibbs' house was going to hurt like a son-of-a-bitch.

He loved his apartment, really. He had to, to stick with it through all the trouble he'd had with it, but Gibbs' place was homey. It was right. It was Gibbs.

He made it as far as the bottom step before Gibbs spoke.


"Yeah Boss?" Tony answered readily expecting something about closing the door behind him or something

"... stay?" It wasn't an order - it wasn't a request. And... hell. Tony had always had the backbone of an earthworm when it came to denying Leroy Jethro Gibbs anything. No matter what it was; no matter what it would cost him, personally.


The end.

on 2009-12-24 10:32 am (UTC)
tejas: hot town (Default)
Posted by [personal profile] tejas
Very nice! What a lovely gift!

(Psst! You forgot the apostrophe on "...Maddie's life.")

on 2009-12-24 11:02 am (UTC)
tejas: hot town (Default)
Posted by [personal profile] tejas
That was the only thing I noticed. :-) I seem to be perpetually in beta mode these days. ;-)


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