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Oh, man this is an old one. It's been floating around in Google Docs for years. Time it got released into the wild, I think.

Title: Tony has a thing for beauty
Dhae Knight
Pairing or Featured Characters:
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Early season 1 - episode tag to Hung out to dry
Tony gets his first look at Gibbs' boat, and reaches a few conclusions

Tony has a thing for beauty

Tony has a thing for beauty. According to his mother, he's always had it; according to oh-so-many girlfriends, he's never lost it.

He just never knew...

It's the first time he's in Gibbs' basement. He stayed over once before, but Gibbs made it very clear that his basement was off-limits. So it's with a little bit of fear in his mouth Tony dares enter Gibbs' sacred ground. The air tastes like sawdust, fresh and old all blended together. The light stretches, from blinding to near-black shadows, and Gibbs moves around soundlessly, winking in and out of existence like a ghost.

And in the middle of it all, literally, the center of the basement is something so incongruous, so out of place that Tony has to ask - even knowing the answer.

"Is this a boat?"

Gibbs' glare is wholly deserved, because that was a stupid question.

Tony lets their banter and the information he has for Gibbs run on auto-pilot, his attention on the basement, on the complex puzzle that is Gibbs, which he's tried to put together since he met the man. Yeah, he's aware that he'll probably never have all the pieces; but this basement, the boat, the murdered phones - they're all new and strange pieces.

But the boat... the skeleton of the boat... that's too big, too important to let go of. There's something about Gibbs building a boat in his basement, of all things, that seems really important, although Tony can't even figure out why.

"You know, my dad gave me a power-sander for my birthday. I don’t really power-sand much. You’re welcome to it."

Tony's talking to be talking, and Gibbs... Gibbs almost growls; insulted in a way Tony hadn't expected.

"Except for that bare bulb there and the cord going to that idiot box, you see a power cord around here anywhere?"

Tony looks around, instinctively, because it isn't like he doesn't trust Gibbs. So... no power-tools. Tony won't even pretend to get that one; just seems like a damn waste of time and effort, when it could all be done so much faster with a little power and some decent tools.

Trying to figure it out - and because Tony likes to touch things, he runs a hand over one of the wooden ribs. His brain doesn't register it at first, but his body reacts like it always does, slowing his hand, gentling the touch into a caress, because the wood under his fingers is smooth, like the inside of a woman's thigh; and suddenly Tony gets why a power-sander would be an atrocity against the wood.

"You use hand tools, huh?" he asks quietly, and totally deserves it, when Gibbs' voice rumbles across the room.

"I use my hands."

And that, right there, is a big chunk of the Gibbs-puzzle falling into perfect focus. The physical effort, the intimacy of man and wood, the sensuality of running your hands over something you own; something you created. Yeah. Tony gets that. It's like sex, and Tony gets sex.

More than that, though; this is private Gibbs, and Tony wants in, wants to be a part of it. Wants to watch Gibbs pit hand-tools and callused hands against wood. Wants to do it himself, sanding and sanding and sanding for hours, until the finish is that smooth. Most of all, though; he wants to be allowed this part of Gibbs, to have a standing invitation to this basement, to Gibbs' boat.

He's going to work for it; but as Gibbs turns out the light, leaving Tony in the hot, black basement, drowning in the smell of sawdust and freshly sanded wood, he knows it's going to take time.

Gibbs isn't ready to let anyone in, just yet.

on 2009-05-30 08:51 pm (UTC)
justhuman: NCIS: Tony looking all Special Agent-like (tony-hat)
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*applause* You captured them both so well here

on 2009-05-31 06:10 pm (UTC)
sjh2009: (Default)
Posted by [personal profile] sjh2009
This is beautifully done, fits in so well to what happened on screen that you really could believe this was what was going through their heads at the time.


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